WP Maps Platform User Interface

Table of Contents

This article will talk about the user interface of WP Maps so that you can be more comfortable and familiar with the platform.

As you sign in to your WP Maps account, you will land on the “Welcome” page. You can navigate to other pages using the menu bar, which displays all the section tabs. The menu button on the top-left corner of the screen opens and closes the menu bar.


“Get Started” Page WP Maps

On the menu bar you will find 11 tabs (Get Started, Home, Widgets, etc.) that correspond to different sections on the WP Maps platform. 

Click on the tabs to go to a specific section. In addition, you can hover your mouse over a tab to open a sub-menu. This sub-menu has tabs that can take you to different sections of the original tab. 

Not all tabs have sub-menus. 


WP Maps Sub-Menus

On the top-right corner of the screen, there are 5 things you will notice:

  1. A language selector menu to change the language of the WP Maps platform
  2. A fullscreen button
  3. A link to the WP Maps help center
  4. A button to access your WP Maps profile
  5. A “page help” link that will take you directly to a related support page on the WP Maps help center

Top-Right Corner – Other Options

Lastly, on the “Home” tab you will find a “Help and Support” section that has links to helpful resources such as video tutorials and guide articles.


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