Map Layers and Settings

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One useful feature provided by WP Maps is that it gives you the tools to customize the map which can be used on your store locator widget. Furthermore, you can add various shapes and figures, called “layers” to your store locator map. 

In this article, we will explain how you can add layers to your store locator map, and how you can adjust the settings of each layer.

To customize your store locator map, you will need to click on the “Maps” tab and select the “Create Map” sub-tab. This will take you to the “Map Configurator page.

Map Layers #

On the Map Configurator” page select your map template from the three drop-down menus.

Next, use the panel on the left-hand side of the map to add various shapes and figures. You can use these shapes and figures to highlight key points on your map. For example, in the below image, we have added a polyline, a circle, and a rectangle to highlight a few areas.

Maps Layers

Map Configurator – Layers Section

Layer Settings #

To customize the layers on your map, please follow the below steps:

  1. Highlight the layer you wish to customize by clicking on the layer name under “Drawn Layer” on the right-hand side panel
  2. Then click on the “Settings” tab on the right-hand side panel
  3. On the “settings” section, you will be able to change the color and stroke of the layer you had selected
Layers Settings

Map Configurator – Layers Settings

That concludes this article about map layers and settings. For any concerns, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]