Adding Products

The second section of the “User Guide” category deals with adding product data to your product locator.

The “Add Products” section has two buttons:

1. Add Products – for manual product data entry

2. Import Products – for bulk product data entry

In this article, we will explain how you can add stores manually and through CSV files using the “Add Products” and “Import Products” buttons.


Add Products Section

1- Add Products #

This button will take you to the “Create Product” section where you can manually add products one by one.

All you need to do is add the product details and product attributes, and then press “Save Product” when you are done. As a result, your product will be added to the WP Maps database.


Create Product Page

2- Import Products #

If you need to add multiple product data at once, then you can go to the “Products Import” section to do so.

In this section, you can upload multiple product data using CSV files. Simply, click on the “Upload CSV” button to upload your CSV file onto WP Maps. Once it’s uploaded, click on the “Import” button next to the file name to import your product data onto the WP Maps database.


Product Import Page