Categorize Your Products in Sections

WP Maps allows you to display your product in different categories, based on the type of product. Furthermore, the products can be viewed in a slider format giving the user interface a modern look.

Slider Layout

Organize your Products in Sections with Sliders

The WP Maps store locator software displays your products in different sections. In addition, adding a slider for each section makes it easier for the customers to navigate the web page, select the required product(s), and search for them in the store locator. Besides the Slider layout, WP Maps also has 2 other product layout styles, the Tab Layout and the Schema Layout

Slider Layout Demos

WP Maps offers three pre-built templates that can be instantly used to launch your product locator. Saving you the time of designing the layout of the product locator from scratch.

The WP Maps Application Also Has Many Other Exciting Features

WP Maps also comes with a host of other useful features that are designed to provide a pleasant experience to users of WP Maps. These features include Zapier integration, address search, Google Sheet Add-on, Google Analytics, lead forms, task automation, and more. See the full list of features of WP Maps.