Add-on for Google Spreadsheet

The Google Sheet Add-on on WP Maps locator allows seamless synchronization between your custom Google spreadsheet and the Product Locator development software to ensure quick and smooth communication between both softwares.

Google Sheet
Data synchronization Capabilities of WP Maps.

Data Sync with Google Sheets

WP Maps Product locator has its own Google Sheet Add-on called “WP Maps Tool” that can be used to manage your products and store data directly through your own Google Spreadsheet. This will allow you to effortlessly update your data without going through the hassle of importing/exporting CSV files from WP Maps to make updates.

Automatic Address Geocoding

One of the most useful features of the Sheet Add-on is that it has built-in geo-coding, meaning that you don’t need to manually fill in the location coordinates of your stores. Once you have selected a range of addresses, the spreadsheet will automatically fill in the missing coordinates for you.

Google Sheets with Multi-Language Support

Multi-Languages Supported

As WP Maps supports multiple languages, the extension also allows users to extract the dataset of a specific language onto the Google Sheet. This means that if you have product lists in multiple languages, and you wish to filter out the list for a particular language, the Sheet Add-on will enable you to do so easily.