A Powerful Magento Store Locator To Show Your Nearby Store Locations

Easily create and add an amazing Magento product and store locator to your Magento store, without any coding knowledge, through WP Maps. The WP Maps store locator helps customers find your nearest physical store location or retail location.

Magento Compatible Store Locator

WP Maps Locator Pages are Practical and 100% Compatible with Magento.

WP Maps store locator integrates a brilliant product and store locator page on a Magento store in a few minutes. The Magento store locator acts as a store finder that can be used to guide customers to the nearest offline store locations.

Add the Store Locator Page on Magento In A Few Steps

  • Upload Store Locations and Product Data on WP Maps

  • Configure the Product and Store Locator Page 

  • Get an HTML Shortcode for Your Page

  • Create a New Page on Your Magento Store and Add an HTML Code Editor

  • Paste the Shortcode and Press “Save”

Magento Store Locator Process
Visually Appealing of Magento Store Locator

A Visually Appealing Store Locator for Magento

  • Display All Your Store Locations in a Single Page on Magento

  • Provide Customers With a Store List 

  • Accurately Guide Customers To Your Nearest Store Location

  • Provide Customers with Up-To-Date Store Details and Store Information Such As Latitude and Longitude.

  • Increase Sales By Increasing Store Traffic

WP Maps Locator Widgets are Also Compatible with Many Other Platforms

Discover all the other platforms that are compatible with WP Maps.

WPMaps Compatible With Drupal, Wix and Laravel

The WP Maps Store Locator Application Can be Summed Up in 3 Words

WP Maps aims to provide users with a seamless digital experience by embracing three qualities that best represent our application.

See How You Can Create and Add a  Magento Store Locator Extension

Discover how to add the Magento product and store locator to your Magento store through WP Maps in the video tutorial below.

Join the WP Maps Community and Gain All the Benefits

For as little as $19/month, you can gain access to WP Maps and get the following:

  • At Least 500 Store Location Entries

  • Display At Least 50 Products

  • Access to Standard Map Themes

  • All The Basic Features of WP Maps

WP Maps is Suitable for Retailers, Wholesalers, Dealerships, Etc. Of All Sizes

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