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integrated with Favorite Platform

Integrate with your Favorite Platform

One of the critical features of any plugin is compatibility with other plugins and platforms. Furthermore, WP Maps is built with all the basic web elements needed for smooth integration. Therefore it supports all the major web platforms and frameworks.

  • Compatible with all major plugins and extensions

  • Dedicated addon for WooCommerce

  • Works on all platforms such as Shopify, Wix, etc.

  • Migration service for many e-commerce platforms

Top Rated Stores & Product Locator Templates

Having trouble designing a store/product locator? No need t worry! With WP Maps you will not need to design a store/product locator because you can select a pre-built store/product locator template to get started immediately.

  • Choose from 6 different beautiful and engaging templates

  • Featuring templates with different layouts and color schemes

  • Build your store/product locator according to your vision

  • Customize your store/product locator template if you want to

Top Rated Stores Product Locators Templates
Google Sheets Add-on

Google Sheets Add-on

To make product and store data management easier, WP Maps can synchronize with Google Sheets, and this will enable you to manage all your store and product data directly from Google Sheets.

  • A quick and simple process to download and install the Google Sheets add-on

  • Connect your product and data CSV files on Google Sheets with WP Maps

  • Any changes made to the CSV files will automatically reflect on WP Maps

  • No need to constantly transfer data back and forth between Google Sheets and WP Maps

Gather Intelligence With Analytics

WP Maps comes integrated with Google Analytics, which you can use to monitor which stores and products are doing well in terms of sales. In addition, you will also be able to analyze customer behavior once they are on your website.

  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and choices

  • Use analytic data to make improvements to your stores and products

  • Capture every click of customer interaction with your stores

  • Discover the location where customers unsuccessfully searched for products

Gather Intelligence With Analytics Feature Page
Collect Valuable Leads Using Contact Forms

Collect Valuable Leads Using Contact Forms

WP Maps is equipped with a handy lead-capturing mechanism known as lead forms or contact forms. These forms are presented to visitors to your website if they need to make an inquiry.

  • Acquire visitor contact information through lead forms

  • Lead forms can be customized according to your needs

  • Hubspot and 3rd party Forms can also be integrated

  • All lead forms are protected from spam using reCAPTCHA

  • Automatically manage filled lead forms using Zapier

Automate Task with Zapier Integration

WP Maps comes integrated with a third-party software known as Zapier, which allows you to automate small everyday tasks such as email leads and SMS lead management, thus making your workflow much more efficient.

  • Automate your tasks for a smoother workflow

  • Focus your attention on more critical tasks

  • Task automation for email and SMS lead management

  • Manage automated tasks in multiple ways using Zapier

Automate Task with Zapier Integration
Store Locator Widgets

Store Locator Widgets

One of the main services that WP Maps provides users is the ability to create, add, and manage a store locator widget which is capable of displaying all your physical store locations on your website.

  • Create a store locator widget for your website using 3 pre-built templates

  • Guide customers to any of your store locations to make in-store purchases

  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information about your stores

  • The store locator has a store list and infobox window to provide more information to your customers.

Product Locator Customization

To differentiate yourself from others, WP Maps provides you with extensive customization options for the product locator widget so that you can make a product locator that is unique to your website.

  • Create multi-level product filters that will result in quicker product selection

  • Make a selection from 3 distinct product locator templates to get started instantly

  • Customize your product locator with a huge color palette

  • Sort your products on the product locator using tabs or sliders

Seamless Lead Generation Form
online Retailer

Make Your Online Store on Retail Platforms Visibile

List all the online retailers that have your products listed. By listing all the online retailers that you sell your products through your customers will have the option of choosing from where they want to buy their desired product(s).

  • Widen your selling locations by displaying online retailers

  • Increase chances to raise awareness for your products

  • Give credibility to your products by selling on online retailer stores

  • Allow customers to buy your products from a familiar environment

Map Provider

The WP Maps store locator features maps from some of the most popular map providers in the world, and you can choose which map provider’s map you would like to display on your store locator widget.

  • WP Maps features top map providers such as Google Maps and Mapbox

  • All map providers are integrated using their native APIs

  • Acquire the map provider API key to use a map provider on your store locator

  • Easily embed your website with a quality map using the WP Maps store locator

map providers
address search

Address Search

WP Maps has one of the most convenient features that has become standard in almost all UI applications, an address search bar. By using the search bar, users will be able to quickly select their preferred location.

  • Instantly select your preferred locations by using the address search bar

  • The address search bar is featured on both the product and store locator widgets

  • Search APIs from Google Maps and Mapbox for quick address search

  • Add custom fields that return results in the search bar

Multi-Languages Supported

As WP Maps supports multiple languages, the extension also allows users to extract the dataset of a specific language onto the Google Sheet. This means that if you have product lists in multiple languages, and you wish to filter out the list for a particular language, the Sheet Add-on will enable you to do so easily.

Google Sheets with Multi-Language Support