Offers Multiple UI Interface

WP Maps has many User Interface templates at your disposal, from which you can create different layouts for your store locator depending on what you believe will provide your customers with the best shopping experience.

Tabs Layout
schema layout

Highly Intuitive Product Filters

WP Maps features a multi-faceted schema layout for the product page, through which users can narrow down the search results by filtering from parameters such as color, size, price range, etc.

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Categorize your Products using Tabs

If you would like your product locator to be more organized, you can do so by categorizing your products on different tabs. WP Maps allows you to put different types of products on different tabs in the “Tab Layout” to give your customers a more organized experience when viewing your products.

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tabs layout
slider layout

Categorize Your Products in Sections

The WP Maps store locator software allows you to display your product in different categories, based on the type of product. Furthermore, the products can be viewed in a “Slider Layout” giving the user interface a modern look.

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The WP Maps Application Also Has Many Other Exciting Features

WP Maps also comes with a host of other useful features that are designed to provide a pleasant experience to users of WP Maps. These features include Zapier integration, address search, Google Sheet Add-on, Google Analytics, lead forms, task automation, and more. See the full list of features of WP Maps.