Use Cases

WP Maps offers more than one solution to our user, by making our plugin suitable for more than one use. Essentially our plugin can be used to provide two services which are detailed in the below section.

Product Locator Image of WP Maps.

Product Locator

Most consumers go online to find products that they need and during the online search, they also tend to compare products, prices, and availability of the desired product.

This is where a store locator can be immensely beneficial to your business. A product locator is a function you can add to your website to guide potential customers towards your products and increase your sales, brand awareness, and visibility.

WP MAPS can provide you with an easy-to-install yet powerful and fully customizable product locator the can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increasing sales - Guide your customer to their desired product by giving them all the information they need about the product and from where they can get it.

  • Save costs and time for your customer - A product locator can provide your customer with all the information they need about the product, thus eliminating the need for them to visit the store in person to buy a product.

  • Collect market data online - All the customer activity is recorded on the system and this valuable information can help you plan out your future selling strategies.

Store Locator

Before making a purchasing decision, online customers prefer to look-up the certain information about a store online. Information such as opening hours, contact number, directions, etc. As a result, many customers rely on Google Maps to obtain this information, the problem with Google Maps is sometimes it does not update the information for a store. WP MAPS provides a solution for this problem by proving a fully customizable store locator that can be used to provide up-to-date information about your store(s), thus increasing traffic to your stores and boosting sales

In addition, a dedicated store locator on your website can provide the following benefits:

  • Boost Sales - Increase sales by directing online traffic to your stores. Once a customer becomes aware that your store has a product they need, you can easily guide them to your stores by providing them with detailed directions. Getting more customers into your store will directly boost sales.

  • Better Shopping Experience - Improve your customer’s overall shopping experience by providing them with the exact information they are looking for such as store location, opening hours, available products, etc.

  • Increase Visibility - Improve your brand awareness and reveal your physical stores worldwide to customers. This is especially useful if you own multiple stores and want customers to know where your stores are located.

  • Improve Efficiency - Having a dedicated store locator provides key information about your store, saves you from physically providing that information, such as on a phone call or email, and thus saving you time and money.

Store Locator Map Model with WP Maps.