Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps: A Detailed Comparison for Brands

Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps: A Detailed Comparison for Brands

The Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps comparison is a topic that may be on the minds of a lot of people.

Therefore, In this article, we will take a closer look at both WP Maps and Destini. Furthermore, we will compare both WP Maps and Destini side-by-side to find out which software is better. The comparison will be done in 5 “rounds”, at the end of each round a winner will be decided. Finally, in the end, we will see which product and store locator is the overall winner of this Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps comparison.

There has been a huge shift in shopping behavior over the past 2 decades. In today’s world, online browsing, comparison, and purchasing have become extremely popular. As a result, brands have taken notice of this shift and have begun creating an online presence to raise awareness and increase sales.

Furthermore, one of the best and easiest ways to raise awareness for your products and stores is by using a product and store locator widget on your website.

Currently, two store and product locator software are being compared for the value they provide, WP Maps and Destini.

Screenshots Of The Various Section Of Wp Maps.

What is WP Maps?

Let’s get a bit of background information about both WP Maps and Destini Product Locator before we jump into the comparison. 

Firstly, starting off with WP Maps.

WP Maps is store and product locator software created by AgileLogix, who are also the creators of a highly successful store locator plugin, Agile Store Locator.


The Ultimate Store and Product Locator Software!

  • Get more customers to your stores.
  • Fully customizable Store Locator to represent Your Brand.
  • Full customers Analytics
  • Managing store products is a piece of cake!

WP Maps allows users to create a product locator page and a store locator page on their website in a few simple steps. All you need to do is upload your product and store location data, configure the store and product locator, and then paste an automatically generated HTML code onto your website. It’s that easy!

WP Maps is an easy-to-use software that even non-tech people will find easy to use and navigate. Moreover, WP Maps comes with a bunch of customization options such as color customization, template customization, and layout customization.

Benefits of WP Maps

The two main benefits WP Maps provides users are increased sales and awareness. It does this by providing your customers with everything they need to reach your store and make a purchase, this includes:

  1. A Product Catalog – A section that shows all the products you have available in a neat and organized manner
  2. Store Locations – Detailed information about where the customer can buy their selected products from
  3. Information About Selected Stores – Additional information about the stores such as an address, directions, store timings, etc.
  4. Online Retailers – Links to third-party online retailers that have your product listed

All the above elements work together to remove any potential barriers that might prevent a customer from buying a product.

WP Maps comes with a host of useful features that are designed to give users a pleasant and sophisticated experience when using the software, such as:

  1. Google Analytics Integration
  2. Custom Filter Option
  3. CSV Import and Export
  4. Google Sheet Add-on
  5. Multi-Language Support
  6. And Much More

There are many store locator applications in the market, but we believe WP Maps is the superior choice. Discover how WP Maps is better than the following store locator software: Where to Buy Vs. WP Maps. Moreover, WP Maps can be seen as a superior Storemapper alternative for businesses that are using the Storemapper store locator application.

Main Landing Page Of Destini Omni-Commerce Where-To-Buy Product.

What is the Destini Product Locator?

Destini is also a software that provides users with the ability to add a product and store locator widget to their website.

The Destini Product Locator is used by brands to display products on their website on a product locator page or widget. In addition, Destini can also be used to add a store locator widget, which can guide customers to different physical stores from the user’s website.

The Destini product and store locator are highly customizable and can be easily embedded on a website. Moreover, Destini’s analytic data can provide valuable information in areas such as search results, consumer interests, popular products, etc.

Similar to WP Maps, Destini can be used by brands and store owners to drive more traffic to their physical stores and boost sales.

Lastly, Destini comes with a lot of great features which include:

  1. Directions
  2. Distance Calculations
  3. Real-Time Product Data Updates
  4. ADA Compliance
  5. And Much More
Lots Of Items That Symbolize Online Shopping And Physical Shopping Such As Mobile Phones, Credut Cards, Shopping Nags, Etc.

Changes In Consumer Shopping Behaviour

Consumer shopping “rituals” gradually began changing since the dawn of the 21st century. With the widespread accessibility of the internet, many retailers saw new opportunities to promote and sell their products in the online world.

Consumer demand and expectations have also changed to adjust to the new age of digital shopping. As a result, these days you will find almost every major retailer with an online presence (website, blog, social media account, etc.).

Moreover, the traditional way of shopping has been on a steady decline ever since digital shopping through the Internet became more common. In fact, in 2021 it was estimated that 2.14 billion people shopped online. Furthermore, the global e-commerce sales forecast for 2024 is expected to reach $6.4 trillion. These figures show a clear shift in shopping behavior.

Consumers nowadays usually carry out the following steps when buying something:

  1. Search for products online
  2. Learn about the product from reviews, videos, product descriptions, etc.
  3. Compare prices of the same product from different vendors online
  4. Make an online purchase using a preferred payment method

Alternatively, a consumer might decide to make an in-person purchase by going to the physical store after doing their research online. According to one stat, 65% of consumers prefer in-store purchasing to avoid delivery fees. Therefore, it is vital for brands to provide customers with everything they need to easily and quickly find your products and stores.

This is where a product and store locator widget comes into play.

Laptop And Desktop With Product And Store Locator Screens.

Importance of Store and Product Locator Software

The main purpose of store and product locator software, like WP Maps and Destini, is to add a store and product locator widget to your website.

A product locator widget allows you to display all of your products in neat and organized ways. As a result, it allows your website visitors to browse your entire product catalog and quickly find what they need.

Once your customers have found a product they want to buy, they will be directed to the store locator widget. The store locator widget has a map that shows the location of all your stores that have the customer’s selected product in stock. In addition, the store locator widget also provides accurate and up-to-date information on how your customers can get to your store if they want to make an in-person purchase. The information provided by the store locator includes address, location, directions, store timing, stock information, etc.

Remove Barriers to Purchase

By adding a store and product locator widget to your website, you will ensure that your customers will have no barriers to buying your product

Oftentimes when a consumer is browsing a website looking for a product to buy, he/she is prevented from making a final purchase decision by the following “barriers”:

  1. “I can’t find the product I’m looking for”
  2. “I don’t have enough information (size, color, specs, etc.) about this product”
  3. “I want to buy this product in person, but I don’t know where their store is located”
  4. “I don’t know how to get to this particular store to buy the product”

All the above “barriers” hinder the consumer’s purchase journey. Moreover, by having a store and product locator widget installed on your website, you will successfully remove all these barriers, and now the customer will not be prevented from making a purchase due to the above reasons. 

This is because a product locator displays all your products and provides your customers with all the product information they need. Whereas, a store locator widget makes it easy for the customer to reach your store to make a purchase by providing them with all your store locations on a large map. Moreover, the map provider for the store locator can be chosen from either Google Maps or Mapbox. Some business owners might want to compare Google Maps with Mapbox for a more objective decision.

By installing a product and store locator widget, you will most likely see more customers coming to your physical store after browsing your website and finding their desired product. As a result, the increased traffic coming to your store(s) will give you more opportunities to:

  1. Interact and engage with your customers 
  2. Directly market your other products and/or services
  3. Upsell products to customers
  4. Make more sales
A Destini Vs. Wp Maps Logos Comparison

Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps Comparison

Now that we have all the background information we need about WP Maps, Destini, and store and product locator widgets in general, we can move on to the Destini vs. WP Maps comparison.

The Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison will be carried out in 5 “rounds” which are price, customizability, ease-of-use, key features, and analytics. At the end of each round, we will determine which software surpassed the other.

A Destini Vs. Wp Maps Price Comparison With An Icon Of Dollar Bundles

Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps: Price 

Before purchasing a product, one of the first things a person looks for is the price. After all, at the end of the day, the price of the product is one of the most important determining factors that results in product purchase (or not).

WP Maps

WP Maps is available in 4 different flexible packages that range from $19 per month to $185 per month. With the lowest tier package, you will get the most basic features of WP Maps that will allow you to add a store and product locator widget to your website. However, the higher tier packages will grant you access to more powerful and handy features that will improve your overall experience of using WP Maps.

All in all, WP Maps has something for everyone. If you are looking to buy a premium, top-of-the-line store, and product locator software with all the available features, you can go for the corporate package on WP Maps. On the other hand, if you are a small business that only needs the most basic features, then you can purchase the “Entry” package.


The price of the Destini store and product locator software is not explicitly mentioned on their website. To get a quote you will have to arrange a demo with a “Destini Expert”, explain what you need, and then you will get a quote based on your requirements.

However, on further research, we were able to guess that Destini is mostly on the expensive side, with one quote mentioning $4950 per month. This is a good indication that the price of Destini tends to be on the higher side, with an average price in excess of a few thousand dollars.

In this round of the Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison, WP Maps is the winner for providing more transparent and flexible pricing plans. Furthermore, WP Maps is providing the same services at greatly affordable prices that are accessible to everyone.

A Destini Vs. Wp Maps Customizability Comparison Showing Two People Changing Elements On A Screen.

Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps: Customizability 

For the next round in this Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison, let’s talk about customizability.

Customization options are a very welcome feature in products. In many cases, the customizability of a product can become a huge selling point for a product. Moreover, customization allows users to make a product unique and one that is close to their vision. 

WP Maps

WP Maps has extensive customization options that will enable you to create the perfect store and product locator widget for your website. On the store and product widget, you can customize colors, texts, layouts, etc. You can even create custom maps for your store locator widget and customize it according to your needs. Furthermore, you are also able to customize various “templates” of the WP Maps store and product locator widget, such as:

  1. Product card
  2. Store list
  3. Infobox window
  4. Lead form
  5. Etc.


Destini also provides users with a lot of customization options. The user interfaces of Destini’s store and product locator have been designed to effectively adjust to a brand’s style. In addition, the user interface on Destini’s locator widget can replicate the user online experience of the website it is installed on.

Users of Destini are able to customize and tweak certain areas of store and product locator widgets, such as:

  1. Product Selection
  2. Store Results
  3. Individual Store Details
  4. Retailer Request Form
  5. Etc.

These areas can be customized to create a unique locator widget that matches well with your brand.

For this round of the Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison, we have to declare a tie, since there is no clear winner. Both store and product locator software provide users with extensive customization options that let you create your ideal store and product locator widget which perfectly fits your website, visually.

A Destini Product Locator Vs. Wp Maps Ease Of Use Comparison Showing A Changing Person Easily Using A Device.

Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps: Ease of Use 

In this round of the Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison, we will see how easy it is to use each of these software.

WP Maps

WP Maps has a very simple UI and a straightforward design. All the features and tools are laid out in a systematic order that makes WP Maps very easy to operate, even for non-tech people.

Creating a store and product locator widget, configuring it, and customizing it through WP Maps is quick and easy. In no time, you will have an ideal store and product locator widget set up on your website.


Destini on the other hand, might have a slightly higher learning curve, especially for beginners since it is very sophisticated software. Moreover, the Destini Product Locator is designed to be used by large corporations. Therefore, an everyday user might face some difficulties navigating the ins and outs of the Destini store and product locator software.

Therefore, for this Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison round, WP Maps slightly edges out Destini due to it having a more simple and straightforward UI.

A Destini Product Locator Vs. Wp Maps Key Feature Comparison Showing A Person Navigating Certain Elements On A Large Mobile Phone.

Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps: Key Features 

In this penultimate round of the Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison, we will look at some of the key features of both these software, and see which provides a better set of useful features.

WP Maps

WP Maps comes with the following key features:

  1. Google Sheet Integration to easily manage store and product data through CSVs
  2. Google Analytics Integration to view customer browsing and shopping behavior
  3. Multiple Layouts and Templates to create your ideal locator widget
  4. CSV Import and Export for faster data upload and download
  5. Links to third-party Online Retailers that sell your products 
  6. And much more


Destini has the following key features:

  1. Access to store-level conventional and mass retailer data for up-to-date product availability
  2. An integrated “coupon system” called Destini Deals
  3. Access to a “Facebook Locator” extension that enables users to add a store or product locator on Facebook
  4. Searching capabilities through categories and products
  5. Analytic data that provides information about consumer demand
  6. Etc.

Both WP Maps and Destini have an impressive line-up of features. Furthermore, these key features are designed to improve the overall user experience while creating and managing a store and product locator. However, it seems Destini provides more fleshed-out and robust features when compared to WP Maps, which could also be the reason for Destini’s hefty price tag.

Therefore, for this round of the Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps comparison, the winner is Destini.

Here is a table that summarizes the features that are available on WP Maps and Destini:

FeatureWP MapsDestini
Google Sheet IntegrationYesNo
Multiple Layouts and TemplatesYesYes
Fixed Price PointsYesNo
Customizable InterfaceYesYes
Store-Level Data FeedsNoYes
Multiple Language SupportYesYes
Intuitive User InterfaceYesNo
Integrated CouponsNoYes
Lead FormsYesYes
Facebook LocatorNoYes
Feature Summary of WP Maps and Destini
A Destini Product Locator Vs. Wp Maps Analytic Data Comparison Showing People Analyzing Data On A Screen.

Destini Vs. WP Maps: Analytics

For the final round in this Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison, We will be comparing the analytic features of both these software.

WP Maps

WP Maps comes integrated with Google Analytics. The analytic data provided by WP Maps gives you valuable information about your customers’ browsing and shopping behavior on the store and product locator widget. Moreover, with WP Maps, you will be able to gain data such as:

  1. Number of visitors that were on your store and product locator widget on a given day
  2. Which products were most clicked on
  3. Which stores were viewed the most
  4. How many lead forms were filled
  5. Which locations (cities or countries) were most searched for

In addition, WP Maps is also able to provide you with another useful piece of information. With WP Maps you can get access to user demographic data (region, country, items viewed, age, etc.) for all the top products and stores in your locator widgets.

All this analytic data from WP Maps can help you optimize your selling strategies to maximize sales through better decision-making.


Destini also comes equipped with analytic data-providing capabilities that can give you data in areas such as:

  1. Popular Products
  2. Product Demand
  3. Consumer Search Behavior

Using the analytic data provided by Destini you will be able to gain insight into customer shopping behavior, product demand, consumer search patterns, conversions, etc. With this knowledge, you can make better decisions that affect your selling volume.

Both WP Maps and Destini have an above-average analytic data-providing mechanism. Overall, there does not seem to be any difference in the quality or quantity of the analytic data provided by these two software.

Therefore, for this round of the Destini Vs. WP Maps comparison, we have to declare a tie.

The Word &Quot;Conclusion&Quot; Against A Blue Background.


Bringing customers from your website to your physical store is a great way to raise awareness for your brand and increase sales. 

One of the best ways to bring more customers to your store from your website is by installing a store and product widget.

Both WP Maps and Destini are excellent software that can easily add a store and product locator widget to your website.

However, when it comes to choosing which one of these software to go with, we have to choose WP Maps for the following reasons:

  1. Easier to use interface which is also easy to learn (even for non-tech people)
  2. A host of useful features to make adding and managing the store and product locator widget smooth and easy
  3. More affordable and transparent price points

Although Destini is a top-rated software, we feel it needs a bit of a higher learning curve to get used to. Furthermore, with Destini there is no fixed price point, the price is determined based on your requirements, which we feel is not very concrete.

Therefore, the overall winner in this Destini Product Locator Vs. WP Maps comparison (in our opinion) is WP Maps.

If you would like to explore more diverse topics related to e-commerce, please see our blog pages.

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