Discover an Easy-to-Use Storemapper Alternative to Beat Your Competitors

Discover an Easy-to-Use Storemapper Alternative to Beat Your Competitors

WP Maps is a powerful easy-to-use fully featured store locator solution that is the perfect Storemapper alternative that allows you to showcase your products and stores by using exciting features such as vibrant themes, CSV support, advanced analytics, Google Sheets integration, and many more.

How Is Wp Maps A Better Storemapper Alternative

How is WP Maps a Better Storemapper Alternative in 2024?

While Storemapper gives users the ability to add a store locator on their website, WP Maps takes this a step further by enabling users to create and add both a store locator and an item locator on their website. This makes WP Maps a 2-in-1 service provider for users.

The WP Maps product and store locators are fully customizable, user-friendly, easy to install, mobile-friendly, and compatible with other mobile devices such as tablets, Moreover, the store locator widget can be used to display thousands of locations and brick-and-mortar stores on your website.

Storemapper Alternative More Features For Less Cost

A “More Features For Less Cost” Product Locator Platform

The WP Maps app provides users with many of the features of Storemapper, and some additional features, such as:

  1. Product Finder Page Creator
  2. Creative Product Displaying Capabilities
  3. Multi-Faceted Product Filtering Systems 
  4. Product Sorting Using Tabs or Sliders
  5. 3 Unique Product Locator Templates
  6. Many Customization Options

All of the above features and more can be acquired for as little as $19 per month pricing plan.

Wpmaps Vs Storemapper

The Many Features of WP Maps Vs Storemapper Store Locator Software





Google Maps and Mapbox

Google Maps

Live Store Hours



Priority Sorting



Product Locator



Leads Collection



Wpmap Isalso A Superior Alternative To Storepoint Stockist Wpstorelocator Applications

WP Map is Also a Superior Alternative to Other Dealer Locator Software That You Can Trust

WP Maps is Designed to be an Excellent Storepoint Alternative

WP Maps Application by Agile Logix is the most suitable Stockist Alternative 

The WP Maps Applications is the Perfect WP Store Locator Alternative

Storemapper Alternative Enjoy A Stress Free Experience With Our Migration Service

Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience with our Migration Service

Easily Move Your Data to WP Maps

To make the process of switching even easier for you, we have even included the option of migrating your store data from Storemapper to your WP Maps account.

With this option, you can easily and quickly import all your store data to WP Maps, after which all your previous store data on Storemapper will be available in WP Maps.

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