Zapier Integration with WP Maps

WP Maps comes integrated with Zapier, which is a software that can automate small and repetitive tasks in your organization so that you won’t have to worry about them. Use the Zapier integration on WP Maps to streamline and automate your workflow.

Zapier Integration
Automate Small Tasks to Streamline Your Work

Automate Small Tasks to Streamline Your Work

Every business has a few repetitive tasks that can take too much of your time such as updating a document with new data, sending email alerts for a specific action, transferring files once they are no longer needed, etc. Therefore, the WP Maps store locator software comes integrated with Zapier to help you avoid repetitive tasks. As a result, with the Zapier integration you will be able to automate small everyday tasks so that you can focus on more important things.

With Zapier’s automation integrated with WP Maps, you can save yourself from a few manual tasks such as:

  • Managing Email Leads

  • Managing SMS Leads

Connect WP Maps with Zapier in a Few Steps

Below is a summary of the general steps needed to connect Zapier with WP Maps:

  • Create a Zapier account

  • Link WP Maps with Zapier by creating a “Zap” for both Email Lead capture and SMS Lead capture

  • Upon successful connection, you will get a “Hook” for both lead-capturing methods that will allow you to manage Email Leads and SMS Leads automatically.

  • Copy both hooks and go to the “Super Administrator” Page on WP Maps

  • Navigate to the “API Keys” tab, and select “Zapier”

  • Paste both hooks in their respective fields

  • Click on “Save Hooks”

Now your WP Maps account will be connected with Zapier. Moreover, Zapier will take care of capturing and saving email and SMS leads.

Collect Valuable Leads Using Zapier

The WP Maps store locator widget is equipped with a handy lead-capturing mechanism known as lead forms or contact forms. These forms are presented to your website visitors if they need to ask any questions or get some information.

With the Zapier integration, you can easily manage all your filled lead forms by creating a “zap” on Zapier that automatically collects the filled lead forms and stores them in a location from where you can easily access them later. By using Zapier, you will not have to worry about losing or missing any lead forms that are sent to you.

WP Maps Also Has Many Other Exciting Features

Besides Zapier integration, WP Maps comes with a host of other useful features that are designed to provide a pleasant experience to users of WP Maps. Some of these features include Google Analytics, Address Search, lead forms, extensive customization options, and much more. See the full list of features of WP Maps.