WP Maps: Showcase Products & Stores – Your Easy-to-Use Locator

WP Maps provides a complete solution for all your product locator needs. It is highly enhanced and enables you to work using renowned 3rd part tools for maps, reports, and analytics.

To view demos of how the WP Maps locator widget will appear and function on your website, please see the following demos.

Using WP Maps lets you have full control over your virtual store and products by showcasing them effectively to your customers or viewers in a very organized manner.

Tabs-Layout-Using-Vintage-Template.jpgFigure 1 – Image of Product Page. tabs layout using Vintage Template

Integration of 3rd party tools is embedded in a very simple way. The end product of WP Maps is a powerful tool that not only allows you to manage your stores and products but also enables you to make them enticing by adding ostentatious designs to them.

WP Maps is user-friendly and also allows you to customize any technical changes by just following the pattern of WP Maps development obligations. All the essential guides are already there in the WP Maps documentation.

Store Locator Using Vintage TemplateFigure 2– Image of Store Locator using Vintage Template

Comprehensively, WP Maps allows you to define your store and product briefly and to its complete extent so that your customers can have complete information regarding your offerings and store.

Products-Manager-Wp-Maps.jpgFigure 3 – Image of Products Manager WP Maps

Additionally, one of the most renowned features of WP Maps involves embedding highly customized custom maps.

You will be able to create multiple layouts of maps; incorporate miscellaneous layers, and navigate map center coordinates to the pre-fill placement. Moreover, WP Maps enables the integration of 3rd party tools for tiles, directions, and places by using their APIs.

Map-Customization-In-Wp-Maps.jpgFigure 4 – Image of Map Customization in WP Maps

For all of your products and stores, you can create a perfect virtual ambiance by adding informative images and by adding your own fields of information that you would like to provide.

Divide products into categories or subcategories and make it effective to be viewed by stipulating the hierarchy of your offerings.

Manage-Categories-And-Tabs-In-Wp-Maps.jpg Figure 5– Image of Manage Categories and Tabs in WP Maps

Finally, publish the WP Maps product locator on your website by simply copying the auto-generated script which is provided at the end of the publishing section, and let the magic begins as it will be automatically integrated on your web page.

You’re not just left here as you can allow Google Analytics and Google Excel to analyze and interpret your data. Moreover, you have full control over the information by evaluating and gathering it in tabular form and by observing the audience’s behavior.

Through careful analysis, you can contemplate the needs or wants of your customers through the activities they perform on WP Maps. As a result, you will be able to forecast and transform your offerings by enhancing product differentiation and diversifying it through globalization.

Wp Maps Chrome Excel Tool Figure 6 –Image of WP Maps Google Sheet Tool

Wp Maps AnalyticsFigure 7 –Image of WP Maps Analytics