How to Add Product Categories in WP Maps

With WP Maps, you can organize your products in an easy way using categories and tabs. In addition, “Categories” and “Tabs” are managed according to the products. Furthermore, WP Maps enables you to create categories with subcategories.

Categories and tags display differently depending on the style, order, and site styles. We recommend being more selective with the number of categories or subcategories you create while considering your available or intended products. “Categories” and “Tabs” are at the forefront, and are responsible for showing your product content.

Add Category #

Creating “Category” Tabs will filter your products or specify your products under certain categories to define them in a more effective way.

Adding Category

Figure 1: Add Category

Categories List #

Once you’ll start adding your categories, a list will start updating automatically on the right side of the fields.


Figure 2: Categories List

Add New Category #

After initializing the Category list, you may add another category by selecting “Add Sibling Category”.


Figure 3: Add New Category

As shown in the figure below, the new category is added and the changes will take place by clicking “Save Changes”.


Figure 4: Sibling Category Added

Add Child Category #

To add a Child Category or Sub Category, select any of the categories. Then click on “Add Child Category”.


Figure 5: Add Child Category

As shown below, the child categories are added to “Men”. Add as many child categories to the categories as you want.


Figure 6: Child Category List

The categories will appear according to the layout you select. It can be rearranged or can be customized from the “Categories” tab inside the “Categories & Tabs” section.

In order to view your products of a certain category, select that particular category to view all of the similar types of products.


Figure 7: Categories

The “Child Categories” will appear under the category you have selected and according to the layout you have selected. `the child categories can be rearranged or can be customized from “Categories” inside the “Categories & Tabs” tab.

In order to view your products of a specific category, the child category will show many specified products by filtering every other product of that category.


Figure 8: Child Categories

Delete – Child or Sibling Category #

In order to delete any of the category or child categories (If a category contains child categories,  deleting it will cause all the child categories will be deleted along with its category) click on the delete icon.

(Please note that deleting a category may malfunction if any product is associated with that deleted category)


Figure 9: Delete – Child or Sibling Category

Edit – Child or Sibling Category #

Select any of the category or child categories you want to edit. Then click on “Edit Category”. Changes may take place once the “Save Changes” action is performed.

Image 6