Classify Your Product with Product Types (Optional)

One great feature of WP Maps is the ability to classify your products into multiple sections.

With WP Maps, you can create custom headings that will be shown above every section of the product list. To do this you will first need to go to the “Products” tab and select the “Product Type” sub-tab.

From the “Products Type” page you will be able to add create “product type” categories which you will be able to assign to your products. Furthermore, these categories will be displayed as a list on the same page.


“Product Types” Page

Moreover, the product type can only be used when you select “Product Slides” in the “Options Type” field as shown in the image below.

Product-Slides-Option.jpg Product Slides Option 

The end results will appear like this. The association of the products and the types can be done through the form, CSV, Google Sheets, or the API.

 Products Page – Slider