How to Add Missing Text Translations Using WP Maps

One useful feature of WP Maps is it enables users to replace, or translate, certain words on the WP Maps product and store locator widget with their preferred synonyms.

For example, one word that appears on the store locator map is “Search Location”. The word “Search Location” can be translated to “Search Area” by using the “Translate” option on WP Maps

Please refer to this article for a complete guide on how to translate words on WP Maps. 

Text Translation for Missing Words  #

In some cases, a word that appears on the product or store locator widget will not appear on the list of translatable words on the “Translations” page.

Solution #

To translate a word that is appearing on the locator widget template( but not on the “Translations” page), please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your WP Maps account
  2. Verify if the missing word is shown on the locator widget template ( Note: You can only translate words that appear on the template; words that don’t appear on the template cannot be added)
  3. Go to the “Widgets” tab
  4. Go to a product or store locator “build”, click on “Options”, and select “Translate”

5. In the search bar of the “Translations” page, type in the word you wanted to translate

6. You will get a “No text found!” message along with a “Add New Text” button

7. Click on the “Add New Text” button

Image (2).Png

8. Enter the word you wish to translate in the “Text (key)” field and enter the word you wish to translate it to in the “Translation (Value)” field

Image (3).Png

9. Click on “Add New”, and the missing word (and its translation) will be added to the translatable word list

10. Press “Save Translation”

Image (4).Png
  1. Head back to the “Widgets” and update the build by pressing “Update”

Once you save the translation and update the build, your locator widget will reflect the translation you made. The below image shows a text that has been changed on the store locator widget.

Image (1).Png
Image (5).Png

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