Steps For Customizing the Product or Store locator Template Of WP Maps

The WP Maps product locator template is highly customizable, and this section will explain how you can customize your product or store locator to match your vision.

If you already have published a product or store locator “build”, you can preview the product or store locator page by clicking on the “Options” button by pressing “Preview”.


Preview Products Button

To customize the product or store locator, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Next to the build you want to customize, click on “Options”  and then click on “Customize”, and you will be taken to the “Template Customizer” page.


Customize Product Locator Button

Step 2: Select which section you wish to customize from the “Template Selection” drop-down menu. For example, “Product Card”.

Step 3: Type in the changes you want to make in the script using the “HTML” tab. Similarly, you can make visual customizations using the “UI Editor” tab. Once you are done press “Save Changes”. In the below screenshot, the “Product Card”  template is being customized.


Script Editor

Step 4: Update the build by pressing the “Update” button, and you will see that the product card in the product locator has changed.

In some cases the changes will not be seen on your website, this is due to cache. To clear the cache, you must re-publish the build on the WP Maps dashboard. Once you re-publish the build a new code will be generated that will need to be copied and pasted on your website. Once this is done the customization change will also appear on your website.


Product Locator Notification After Updating the Build