Manage Your Product Page Attributes with WP Maps Product Schema (Custom Fields)

The “Product Schema” section allows you to manage your product page attributes. Through the “Product Schema” section allows you to add new custom attributes, and remove or update the existing attributes. 

Note: Some of the default product attributes such as “Product Title”, “Product URL”, and “Description” can’t be updated. Attributes once removed can’t be restored.

To go to the “Product Schema” section, go to the “Super Administrator” page and click on the “Product Schema” tab.

Product Schema Section On Super Administrator Page

Figure 1: Product Schema

Creating Product Attribute #

To create a custom product attribute field that will be added to the “Create Product” page, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: On the “Product Schema” section, click on “+ New Attribute”

Step 2: Add the required fields in the “Schema Attribute” window, and click “Add Attribute”

Each field type has its own different way of displaying data. Your attribute will display information through the specific “Field Type” data that you choose.

Once you click on “Add Attribute”,  you will get a notification that the product schema has been updated successfully.


Figure 2: Defining new Product Attribute

Edit Product Attribute #

To edit the fields or data, click the “Edit” icon. Once done with the changes, save it to make it effective. To rearrange the attributes, you can move them by dragging them up or down.


Figure 3: Edit Product Attribute

Delete Product Attribute #

To delete any product attribute, click on its “Delete” icon. Once deleted all the data of that particular attribute will be deleted.

Note: Once deleted attribute fields can’t be reverted or restored.


Figure 4: Delete Product Attribute