Locator Widget Configuration

The fourth section on the “Get started” Page is “Export the Widget”.

This section mainly deals with the actual creation of the product locator widget. The “Export the Widget” has the following buttons:

  1. Install
  2. Preview Templates

This article will explain what each of the above buttons does.


Export the Widget Section

1- Install #

The “Install”  button will take you to the “Widgets” page where you can begin to create and configure the actual layout of your product locator.

There are 3 sections on the “Widgets” page.

Firstly, the “Install Product Locator” section will let you begin the process of creating a product locator through the “Install Widget” button.


Install Product Locator Section

Secondly, the “Preview” section can be used to see what your product locator will look like by choosing certain options from the three drop-down menus.


“Preview” Section

Lastly, the “Builds” section will display all the product locator builds that you have created.


Builds Section

2- Preview Templates #

The button on the “Export the Widget” section in the “Get started” Page will take you directly to the “Preview” section on the “Widgets” page.

In the preview section, you will be able to see what your product locator will look like by choosing specific options from the three drop-down menus and by pressing the “Preview” button.


“Preview” Section