Manage your Stores

The “Stores” page allows you to add or create a new store by highlighting store details to let your customers know which store is located at which address. Moreover, further details about the stores include their names, addresses, email, timing, and products they have at the time.

Create Store #

The “Create Store” button will take you to the “Create Store” page where you will add or define your store, and how to reach it. Furthermore, your stores will be accessible by location and through social media.

Click on the “Stores” Tab to access the “Manage Store List” Page, here you can add new stores by pressing the “Add New” button. To delete stores select the ones you want to delete and then click on the “Delete Stores” button.


Figure 1: Create a Store

How to Delete Stores? #

There are multiple approaches available to delete stores from your WP Maps account. Here are the different methods:

Method 1- Delete Via Manual Selection #

To manually delete stores from your WP Maps account, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your WP Maps account
  2. Click on the “Stores” tab on the left-hand panel
  3. On the “Manage Stores List”, select all the stores you want to delete
  4. Click on the “Delete Stores” button
image (15).png

You will get a notification that indicates all the selected stores have been deleted from your WP Maps account.

Method 2- Delete Via the Store Import/Export Page #

Warning! – All the store’s data will be truncated and will reset the store ID back to 0 by using this method to delete stores.

Stores can also be deleted via the Stores Import/Export page. To delete the store using this method, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your WP Maps account
  2. Hover your mouse over the “Stores” tab on the left-hand panel, and click on the “Import/Export” sub-tab
  3. On the “Stores Import/Export” page click on “Delete Stores” to delete all CSV files with store data from your WP Maps account
image (16).png

Note: This process will delete all stores and it can’t be reverted.

Method 3- Delete Via API #

The API can be accessed by making HTTPS requests to the endpoint URL, which has GET and POST methods based on the API functionality, these methods will allow you to communicate to the API to get or save information. It is a must to access the endpoint via SSL-enabled HTTPS protocol.

The base URL of our API endpoint is:

To make a complete API URL, it will be like this.stores/delete?access_token={Your Acess Token}&client_id={Your Client ID}&lang=en_US

To delete stores using the API access points, please refer to this section about deleting stores.

Method 4 – Delete Via Google Spreadsheet #

Stores can also be deleted via Google Spreadsheets that have been synchronized with WP Maps.

To delete stores via Google Spreadsheets, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open a Google Spreadsheet, and go to the “stores” sheet that contains all the store data
  2. Select the store rows you want to remove, right-click on the selected stores, and click on “Delete rows” 
  3. Save the Google Spreadsheet by clicking on “Save Now” under the “Save Changes” section
  4. Apply the changes to your WP Maps account by selecting a build from the “Widgets Build” menu, and then pressing “Publish” under the “Refresh Publish” section.
image (14).png

Defining your Store #

Starting with defining your store on the “Create Store” Page. Please enter your store name to make it identifiable to your customers.

Figure 2: Define Your Store

Store Icon #

In today’s ever-evolving world, WP Maps lets you create a unique identity for each of your stores virtually on the world’s map. Reaching an international audience has become easy with WP Maps as it is available in every corner of the world with the power of the internet.

With the help of markers, you can make your stores more distinctive. If you don’t find a marker related to your store or if want to add any new marker, go to  the markers “Markers” section in the “Stores” tab (Refer: Figure – 1)


Figure 3: Choosing Marker for Identification

Upload Image #

Represent your store visually by adding an image of your store to let your customers know what your store looks like.

Figure 4: Store – Upload Image

Store Details #

Enter essential information about your store and define its location on the map to let your customers reach the store that’s closest to them.Store-Details.jpgFigure 5: Store Location Details

Store Timings #

Show the days when your store is open. Stipulate it more concisely.

Set the timings of the store to let your viewers know when you are open or closed.

Figure 7: Store Timings

Store List #

Create interminable stores with WP Maps and have complete control over not just the creation of stores, but all aspects of the virtual stores.

Find the complete list of your stores in the “Store” tab where you may search, delete, or edit all of your stores.

Figure 8: Store List