Analytics Tab Overview

WP Maps comes integrated with Google Analytics and this allows you to see valuable data on how customers are interacting and using your store or product locator widget. 

With the analytics presented by WP Maps, you will be able to utilize this valuable data to optimize your selling strategies and target the right customers with the right products.


From the “Analytics” tab you will be able to get data such as:

  1. Which Stores are viewed the most
  2. Which products are clicked more frequently
  3. What “searches”  are most performed
  4. Etc.

The analytic data of your locator widget can be viewed from the “Customers Data” page, which is accessed from the “Analytics” tab.


The “Customers Data” page has 7 elements:

  1. A “Period” drop-down menu – Used to see data for a specific time period.
  2. Visitors –  This section shows how many active users were on your locator widget page on a given day.
  3. Location Searches – The data shown here represents which locations accounted for what percent of the total searches made.
  4. Online Conversion – This number represents how many of your products were purchased from online retailers.
  5. Lead Forms – The number of lead forms that were filled by customers is shown in this section.
  6. Top Viewed Stores – Here you can see the most popular stores on your locator widget. You can even filter the stores by “Top Searches” and “Missing Stores”. Clicking on a store will reveal the customer demographics that viewed that particular store.
  7. Top Clicked Products –  This section displays which of your products were most clicked on by customers. There is also a filter to view top clicked products by “Online Retailers”, “Top Categories”, and “Search Terms”. Clicking on a product will reveal the customer demographics that viewed that particular product.