WP Maps “Entry” Plan: Features & Benefits for Your Business

WP Maps come in 4 convenient and affordable subscription packages that meet the need of all businesses from small start-ups to large multi-national corporations.

The most basic subscription plan is the “Entry” package, which can be purchased in either $19 per month or $180 per year payments. In addition, the “Entry” package is suited to small businesses that have a few hundred locations and products.

The “Entry” subscription package allows users to add up to 500 locations and 50 products to their WP Maps account.

Other features include:

  1. 3 Language
  2. 3 Publishes
  3. Google Sheet Extension
  4. Create Custom Maps
  5. Online Retailers
  6. And Much More

For a full list of features and package details, please see this page: WP Maps Pricing.

If your country of purchase has applicable VAT or GST laws,  then a VAT/GST tax will be added to all transactions.