Store Locator Zip Codes: How Can They Be Used

Store Locator Zip Codes: How Can They Be Used

A store locator is one of the most useful tools a business owner can have because it allows paying customers to easily find your physical stores. Furthermore, the stores on a store locator can be listed according to name, place, address, etc. In addition, locator zip codes are also another way through which people can search for your stores.

In this article, we will briefly go over what a store locator is and what it does. In addition, we will also see how you can use zip codes in your store locator.

What Is Store Locator Zip Codes

What is a Store Locator?

A store locator is a section or page that can be added to your website. Furthermore, the store locator page is entirely dedicated to guiding your website visitors to your physical store locations.

If you are a business owner with a website and multiple store locations, then you will need a way to guide (and encourage) people who are on your website to come to one of your physical stores This is especially cases when your customers want to make an in-store purchase. 

There are several benefits you can get by bringing customers from your website to your physical store, such as:

  1. After browsing a website and discovering a product, many people prefer to buy the product in person, which can lead to increased sales
  2. Allows you to market/upsell your products
  3. Gives you an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships with your customers

A store locator consists of the following elements:

  1. A large map ( that can be marked with your store locations )
  2. A search bar
  3. A store list

All the above elements of the store locator work together to help your customers reach your stores easily and quickly.

What Are Locator Zip Codes

What are Locator Zip Codes?

On a store locator, you can provide various store information such as location, address, phone number, email, etc. Furthermore, customers can use this information to identify a store that they can easily get to.

Another type of store information that can be added to a store locator is zip codes. The zip codes that are added to the store locator are known as locator zip codes.

Similar to other types of store information, a person can use zip or postal codes to locate a particular store. For example, since zip codes are used to represent a certain area, a person can use them to locate a store that is in an area close to them.

How to Create a Store Locator with Zip Codes

To create a store locator with zip codes, you will first need to create and add a store locator on your website. Luckily, there are several store locator software, such as WP Maps, that will enable you to easily create and add a personalized store locator to your website.


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Once you have a store locator software, you can create a store locator with zip codes.

Different store locator software may have different ways to add zip codes to the store locator. However, the general steps are the following:

  1. Log in to your store locator platform
  2. Create a store profile and add the store information
  3. There will be a field for “zip code” or “postal code”, add the zip code of that store here
  4. Save the store profile
  5. Repeat for any other stores
  6. Configure the rest of the store locator and add it to your website (usually via a shortcode)

Once you complete the above steps, you will have a store locator (with store zip codes) added to your website. 

Now whenever a customer wants to visit one of your stores, he/she can use the postal codes to determine which store he/she wants to go to.

Some store locator software might also give you the option to add a zip code filtering system, whereby a customer will be able to filter stores by zip code.


A store locator is one of the most valuable tools a business owner can have, especially those with multiple store locations.

Locator zip codes can be added to a store locator to make it possible for people to search for stores via zip codes.

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