Google Maps Integration on WP Maps

WP Maps comes integrated with Google Maps which users can choose to add to their store locator widget and provide their customers with quality map services such as turn-by-turn directions, address search, and much more.

google map integration
Mapbox integration in WPMaps

Embed The World’s Most Popular Map Platform on Your Website

If you want to add a map to your website, you may as well add the most popular map that almost everyone is familiar with. With the WP Maps store locator software, you can add the most popular mapping service, Google Maps, to your website, and make your website more attractive and useful to all your visitors.

The Google Maps embed is sure to add a lot of value and versatility to your website by making it easy for your visitors to access Google Maps without leaving your website. However, if you are looking for something different to Google Maps, then you can always make use of WP Maps’ Mapbox integration instead.

Add Google Maps to Your Website or Online Store Easily with WP Maps

The process of embedding a custom Google Maps on your website that has exactly what you want can be complicated, especially if you are not familiar with coding.

Luckily, WP Maps provides users with the ability to instantly add Google Maps to their website without writing any complicated codes. All you need to do is configure the store locator widget through WP Maps, and at the end of this process, you will get an HTML code which you will simply need to copy and paste into your website builder. Once the code is added to your website’s page builder, the store locator widget featuring Google Maps will be available on your website.

A Fully Functioning Google Maps From WP Maps

The Google Maps embed that WP Maps adds on your website is not just a cheap copy of the original. On the contrary, WP Maps is capable of adding a fully-functioning Google Maps to your website that makes use of API libraries such as “Places API”, “Maps JavaScript API”, “Directions API”, and the “Geocoding API”.

All you need to do is get a Google API key, without which Google Maps will not function on your website. Once you have acquired the Google API key, you simply need to paste it into the WP Maps platform to make your Google Maps embed function as it normally does.

Display All Your Store Locations and Make it Easier for Customers to Find Your Stores

By using WP Maps, users can embed Google Maps on their website that shows all of their store locations.

Displaying all of your store locations is the perfect strategy that helps your website visitors, who are in a “buying mood” to easily and quickly reach your stores if they want to make an in-store purchase.

Now whenever your website visitors want to go to one of your physical locations, they can easily do so by using your Google Maps store locator. The Google Maps store locator can show all your store locations, and it can even provide accurate information, such as directions, address, store timings, etc. to your visitors on how to get to their preferred store.

Other Convenient Features of WP Maps

Besides Google Maps integration, WP Maps comes with a host of other useful features that are designed to provide a pleasant experience to users of WP Maps. Some of these features include Google Analytics, Google Sheet Add-on, lead forms, task automation, and much more. See the full list of features of WP Maps.