Manage your Products your Way

WP Maps Schema Manager lets you decide which attributes of your products should be displayed in your product locator. Meaning you have the freedom to add or remove any product attribute you wish in the product description

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Create and Customize your Map

Our map customization tool is quite handy and has some great overlay features that include arrow, text, circle, polygon, and line tool. These overlays can be created over the map and will also be displayed on your store locator maps.

  • Create Custom Overlays over the Maps

  • Choose the Map Provider of your Choice

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Create Custom Filters & Attributes

WP Maps is just not limited to default product attributes, it has the option to manage your database schema to create custom attributes for your products, and use these attributes through tags or for data filtering purposes.

  • Manage your Stores & Products Schema

  • Use Custom Attributes for the Filters

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Custom Filters for Product Locator.
WP Maps Customization Options for Mobile Phones.

Unique Style Templates

WP Maps Product locator has three unique UI templates that can be used for your product locator. In addition, you can even easily customize these templates without having any technical skills.

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Multi-language Support

A multi-language support feature is part of WP Maps Product Locator. With a simple procedure to translate the default English text into different languages, you can create the product locator in any language you want, to make it easier to communicate to different nationalities. Furthermore, this is a great way to reach out to different ethnic groups and make them part of your customer base.

Multi-Language Support Capabilities of WP Maps.