Importance of Location Marker Icons

Importance of Location Marker Icons

Online maps are used more than ever before. From planning holidays, finding a new store or even visiting a friend, people tend to use online maps very frequently. So much so that it has become part of our everyday life. Furthermore, there is one element of online maps without which the popularity of online maps would surely decline, these are location marker icons.

Location Marker Icon

What are Location Marker Icons?

It is really difficult to miss location marker icons on a map in this day and age.

For those who are not familiar with the term, they are the small images in the center of a marker or pin on an online map.

Just from a glance, you can use these icons to get a good idea of what the location is without having to actually open the location. For example, a marker with a “H” icon usually indicates a hospital.

Google Maps has various pin icons that are used to represent a specific type of location or business. Upon opening Google Maps, you will easily be able to identify almost all locations once you know what their location marker icon represents.

Location Marker Icon

The Usefulness of Location Marker Icons

Let’s now find out how marker icons can be useful for a business or brand.

The most common, and the only, place to use location marker icons is on an online map.

Furthermore, if you are a business owner who has a website (and multiple physical store locations). Then you can display all your store locations on a map on your website by using a store locator widget

A store locator widget is a section on your website that includes the following elements:

  1. A large map marked with all your physical store locations
  2. A search bar
  3. A store list that provides more information about each store to your customers

You can instantly add a store locator widget to your website by using store locator software, such as WP Maps.

Now let’s see how these icons can enhance your store locator widget.

You can mark each of your store locations with a different marker icon to immediately indicate to your customers exactly what kind of store they can expect. For example, a marker with a “cup” icon can be used to tell customers that this store is a café.

For business owners with multiple store locations, having a map with different marker icons can be a useful asset. This is because these markers can differentiate stores by using different types of icons and achieve the following goals:

  1. Make the store locator widget less monotonous
  2. Add a bit of flair and style to the store locator widget
  3. Give a clear indication of what a store sells

A business can use location marker icons of different colors, and shapes to indicate what a store trades. Furthermore, this can be determined just by looking at the location marker style.

For example, a business that has different stores that trade in clothes, electronics, and kitchenware can use the following icons on their store locator:

  • 1- Clothe Stores – Yellow marker with a shirt icon
  • 2- Electronic Stores – Blue marker with a laptop icon
  • 3- Kitchenware Stores – Purple marker with a dinner plate icon

By having varied icons on your store markers, you will make it easier for your customers to pinpoint the exact store which they want to trade with. Furthermore, by providing the means for your customers to easily identify what kind of store you are operating, you will provide your customers with a better shopping experience. This can in turn lead to more favorable outcomes for your business.

Location Marker Icon

How to Add Different Marker Icons For Your Business

Now that you know how useful map marker icons can be, let’s see how you can make them a part of your business.

As we mentioned before, map marker icons can only be used on online maps. Therefore, to make use of map icons, you will first need an online map on your website.

An online map is an excellent way to show all your physical store locations to your website visitors. As a result, anyone who wants to come to your physical store can easily find it by using this map. 

An online map that is marked with all your physical store locations is known as a store locator map. There are store locator software, such as WP Maps, which are designed to add a store locator widget to your website.


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A store locator widget is a section or page, on your website that has the following elements:

  1. A large map
  2. A search bar
  3. A store list

All these elements combine to guide your website visitors to your physical stores so that they can:

  1. Buy a product they saw on your website
  2. Experience a product before buying it
  3. See what your store looks like or what it has to offer

Now let’s see how marker icons come into play.

On your store locator, you will have stores that are marked with a pin or marker. In addition, your store markers can have different icons.

Many store locator software provides you with the option to customize your store markers with different icons so that your customers can differentiate between different groups of stores.

Each store locator software follows the below general steps to add an icon to your store markers:

  1. Open your store locator software
  2. Create a store profile
  3. In the “marker” or “icon” field, select your preferred icon or upload one (if there is an option)
  4. Save the store profile.
  5. Repeat for other stores

Through this simple process, you will be able to add different marker icons to the store markers on your store locator widget.


Store marker icons are a great way for brands and businesses to add a bit of style and flair to their store locator widget.

By using a store locator software that supports marker icons, you will have taken a step in the right direction in upgrading your store locator widget to one that is more visually appealing to your customers.

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