Experience the Best Store Locator Available

Our Store Locator feature will allow you to easily and accurately display the address for your stores’ thanks to the integration with top map providers (such as google maps, Mapbox, etc.) guiding customers to the right store has never been this easy!

Showcase Products within the Stores

Displaying your products is very simple. All that is needed is the selection of the desired product(s) and a location in the search bar, then the product locator will take your customers to an interactive map that will display all the stores that have their desired product.

Find Store by Region

The Store Locator features a filtering system that allows customers to search for stores in a particular region. This includes filtering based on regional boundaries or by selecting from a dropdown menu to filter the region.

Address Filtering by State on the Store Locator.
Various Marker Styes for WP Maps Product Locator.

Multiple Types of Markers

The Store Locator of the WP Maps gives you the option to choose the type of marker on the map. You can opt for a default marker or you can choose a marker with different shapes and colors to add a bit of flair to your map.

Sidebar or Info-Window Option

In the Store locator of the WP Maps you have 2 options to view the information window for the store either by the info-window of the marker or you can setup a sidebar.

WP Maps Store Locator Infobox and Sidebar.

Store Status (Open or Closed)

WP Maps let your customers filter the stores that are open for business. They can switch between “open only” stores or all stores with just a click of a button. This feature allows customers to know which stores are not operating at a particular time, thereby saving them from making unnecessary trips.

Benefits of our Store Locator

Easily find the product you are looking for

Customers can search for products in just a few clicks. All they have to do is select the desired product(s), and a list of stores with that product will be made available to them.

Comprehensive store information

The store information window can display detailed information about the store location and as well as the product’s availability on the selected store.

User-friendly design

Every detail on the store locator is made with ease of accessibility in mind. Meaning that all the features and information are very easy for a user to access and manage.

Configure the search approach

The store search results can be configured to your choice in two ways. You can either display all the available markers on the screen, or you can choose to just show a group of markers in a specific area.