Highly Intuitive Product Filter!

WP Maps features a multi-faceted search system for the product page, through which users can narrow down the search results by filtering from parameters color, size, price range, etc.

Multi-Level Product Filters

Customers can easily narrow down the list of products on WP Maps. The schema filter selection allows you to create an N-level hierarchy for the categories of your products. Once the category is selected, the product list will be filtered by one facet.

Categories with Multi-level Support

With the selection of the schema filter, you can create the N-level hierarchy for the categories of your products. Based on the selection of the category, the products list will be filtered down to the next hierarchy. The schema filter has a complete facet search option to filter the products.

Instant Start with Pre-Built Templates

WP Maps offers users three pre-built templates (Default, Classic, and Vintage) that can be used for the product locator. In addition, these templates can be further customized without any technical skills to bring about a unique look for your product locator.