Study the Traffic with Google Analytics

Delve into the minds of your customers! Google Analytics will enable you to study valuable data about your customer, such as products browsed, popular store locations, highest/lowest selling products, successful searches, and much more.

Use Cases for the WP Maps Application.
Analytics PDF

Weekly and Monthly Analytics Report

WP Maps Product Locator reporting module automatically generates a weekly or monthly report based on the analytics data and emails the reports directly to your email address, saving you the hassle of logging into the system to view the report.

Top Performing Products & Stores

The analytics tool also gives you information regarding which products and stores are performing better than others. In addition, the analytic tool provides insight into which regions stores were sought out, and whether the search was successful or not.

Store Analytic Data for Various Stores.
Online Retailer Display Section in WP Maps.

Online Retailers Report

WP Maps Product Locator also provides you with valuable information on which retailers are having the most “hits” and which of their products are the most popular. This useful information will allow you to analyze the supply and demand of certain products.