Why Choose Us?

With WP Maps you are assured a professional product locator that will increase visitors to your stores and boost sales. Additionally, we offer affordable prices, premium support, and an overall smooth experience for all our users.

'Why Choose Us' Image in WP Maps Application.

Our Story

A subsidiary of AgileLogix, WP Maps is a well-known software development company established in 2021 that offers Product Locator development services. Employing a team of highly skilled, talented individuals to create unique and innovative solutions for the E-commerce industry. In addition, the company operates on a non-conventional and revolutionary approach in creating solutions for all your E-commerce needs, all the while using the latest development tools. With WP Maps you are assured a package of quality services, reasonable prices, and a personalized experience that you will find difficult to find anywhere else.

How do we work?

At WP Maps we follow a meticulous work process to ensure we deliver the best quality products for our customers.

The conception of New Ideas

The process starts with ideas on how to provide innovative solutions to people who are facing problems in various areas, such as e-commerce

Design and Testing

The next step is to get the idea onto paper and develop it till it becomes what we originally imagined it to be. The final product is then rigorously tested for Quality assurance


When the product has been developed and tested, the last part of the process is making the product available for all to use in an easy and accessible environment